TDI engineIn the 2010 comprehensive environmental rankings published by the Union of Concerned Scientists, an alliance of more than 250,000 citizens and scientists are working for a healthy environment. Volkswagen tied Toyota for the lowest smog-forming pollutant emissions. According to the report,

“The newer and cleaner diesel models that Volkswagen now offers will be technologies to watch—especially to see if they can beat out other companies’ hybrids.”

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Volkswagen builds plants using the most advanced technology and best production practices from our operations around the world. From the site planning to manufacturing and delivery, new facilities like the one in Chattanooga feature smart technology and environmental design to help reduce waste and emissions, and save energy. In addition to advanced welding, painting, ventilation and lighting systems, the layout of the body shop at the Chattanooga plant is more compact as a result of optimized processes simulated in virtual reality. Our employees benefit from ergonomically designed working spaces, a fitness center and healthy food choices in the dining area. And to save on transportation fuel, 85 percent of the vehicles produced will be transported by rail.


“The world is gearing up for a big change in the way that people think about cars and the environment, and it’s great to work for a company like Volkswagen that’s actively a part of it,” said Bret Scott, Product Manager, CC and Eos for Volkswagen of America. “From our diesel and turbo-charged vehicles, to the construction of our new Tennessee assembly plant, we’ve been building a cleaner footprint for decades. And our work on hybrids, electric cars and other advanced technologies will take us to the next level.”


Dedication of Volkswagen Automotive Innovation Laboratory (VAIL) at Stanford

We are a proud sponsor of Apogee, Stanford University’s entry in the 2010 American Solar Challenge, a competition to design, build and drive solar-powered cars in a cross-country time and distance rally event. Teams from 17 universities worldwide competed in the 1,100-mile drive from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, to Naperville, Illinois, with Stanford taking 4th overall. Our support included providing the students with access to engineering expertise and mentorship from the researchers at the Electronics Research Lab, a Volkswagen Touareg as a support vehicle for the team, and financial support of $50,000 over the course of two years. The race is not over yet; the Stanford team hopes to participate in the World Solar Challenge, an 1,877-mile race across the Australian continent.


Smart technology, clean production.

Like our vehicles, our new production facility in Chattanooga, Tenn., uses smart technology and environmental design for clean production. Read more »


Red, white, blue and green are our favorite colors.

In addition to a $1 billion investment in our LEED-aggressive manufacturing plant in Chattanooga, Tenn., where production on a new American midsized sedan begins in 2011, our Herndon, Va., headquarters has been awarded LEED® Silver level certification. Read more »

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