Experience At Home

We’re proud to be At Home in America and hiring some of the sharpest minds in the country. Volkswagen Group of America Graduate Analysts are recent college graduates who rotate to different departments and locations around the country. Check out their blog to get the inside scoop on everyday life at Volkswagen Group of America.

Partners in Education

Launched in September 2008, our Partners in Education program was designed to support students and teachers interested in advanced automotive technology and next generation automotive engineering. We began with a five-year, $2.1 million Partners in Education initiative to create a comprehensive education partnership with schools and technical institutions throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and the [...]

Hard at Work in America

When we opened our first location in the United States in 1955, we offered just one model — the enduring cultural icon affectionately known as the Beetle. While the fun-loving Beetle and the “Bus” were capturing American hearts, Audi was quickening pulses with quality, performance and technological innovation. Audi joined the Volkswagen Group in 1965. And [...]

Jesse Mejia, Residual Value Specialist at VW Credit, Inc. in Herndon, VA, tells us how Volkswagen Group of America celebrates a diverse workplace.


TDI engineIn the 2010 comprehensive environmental rankings published by the Union of Concerned Scientists, an alliance of more than 250,000 citizens and scientists are working for a healthy environment. Volkswagen tied Toyota for the lowest smog-forming pollutant emissions. According to the report,

“The newer and cleaner diesel models that Volkswagen now offers will be technologies to watch—especially to see if they can beat out other companies’ hybrids.”

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Volkswagen builds plants using the most advanced technology and best production practices from our operations around the world. From the site planning to manufacturing and delivery, new facilities like the one in Chattanooga feature smart technology and environmental design to help reduce waste and emissions, and save energy. In addition to advanced welding, painting, ventilation and lighting systems, the layout of the body shop at the Chattanooga plant is more compact as a result of optimized processes simulated in virtual reality. Our employees benefit from ergonomically designed working spaces, a fitness center and healthy food choices in the dining area. And to save on transportation fuel, 85 percent of the vehicles produced will be transported by rail.


Before the first new vehicle leaves the Volkswagen Chattanooga assembly plant for America’s roadways, it already will have traveled 2.8 miles on the E-shuttle transport line, the first of its kind in the world. The finishing conveyor line is managed by 56 robots, which flip and dip the auto body into 10 water and paint tanks to coat and protect the vehicle. At the end of the four-level paint shop, the two hour process then finishes with a top coat and wax spray. “We’re the first in the world to use E-Shuttle,” says Rich Schmidt, Plant Engineering Manager, Volkswagen Chattanooga Operations LLC. “The old system required the unit to ramp into and out of the paint bath. E-Shuttle allows the body to be put straight down, turned 360 degrees, turned straight up and conveyed to the next bath. We’re able to reduce the tank size which results in less water, fewer chemicals and less energy usage.” Read more »


Fans of Audi became fans of The Nature Conservancy and raised $25,000 to help reduce carbon emissions. Audi donated $1 for every Facebook user who joined The Nature Conservancy’s effort to restore the Tensas River Basin. The project aims to counterbalance carbon emissions by reforesting private lands to capture and store carbon, and restoring critical habitats to native species in the Lower Mississippi Valley. Our engineers are always innovating to reduce our vehicles’ carbon emissions. But our commitment doesn’t stop with our products; we want to promote reduced emissions through support of organizations like The Nature Conservancy.


“The world is gearing up for a big change in the way that people think about cars and the environment, and it’s great to work for a company like Volkswagen that’s actively a part of it,” said Bret Scott, Product Manager, CC and Eos for Volkswagen of America. “From our diesel and turbo-charged vehicles, to the construction of our new Tennessee assembly plant, we’ve been building a cleaner footprint for decades. And our work on hybrids, electric cars and other advanced technologies will take us to the next level.”