Experience At Home

We’re proud to be At Home in America and hiring some of the sharpest minds in the country. Volkswagen Group of America Graduate Analysts are recent college graduates who rotate to different departments and locations around the country. Check out their blog to get the inside scoop on everyday life at Volkswagen Group of America.

Partners in Education

Launched in September 2008, our Partners in Education program was designed to support students and teachers interested in advanced automotive technology and next generation automotive engineering. We began with a five-year, $2.1 million Partners in Education initiative to create a comprehensive education partnership with schools and technical institutions throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and the [...]

Hard at Work in America

When we opened our first location in the United States in 1955, we offered just one model — the enduring cultural icon affectionately known as the Beetle. While the fun-loving Beetle and the “Bus” were capturing American hearts, Audi was quickening pulses with quality, performance and technological innovation. Audi joined the Volkswagen Group in 1965. And [...]

In partnering with DC SCORES through their Adopt-A-School program, Volkswagen Group of America encourages students in schools throughout the community to become physically fit, feel part of a team and express themselves as agents of change. DC SCORES combines afterschool creative writing, soccer and service for over 800 students at 25 schools in the Washington, D.C. area.

Students like Saba:

“My dream is to fly with pride, to sing with power, to feel the rain kiss my skin, to play soccer on muddy fields. My dream is to design with passion, to soar through the clouds, to slide down a waterfall. My dream is to help with all my love.”

– “My Dream,” poem by Saba A., MacFarland Middle School, Washington, D.C.
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Volkswagen Group of America cares for our communities and strive to be the best at what we do. Our neighbors in Virginia at the Herndon Police Department, and in Chattanooga at the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department and Chattanooga Police Department, share these values. That’s why we’ve proudly provided each law enforcement agency with two specially equipped vehicles that deliver the kind of performance they need to protect our communities, with added safety, comfort and style.


Within the many art museums of the Smithsonian Institution, new exhibits by the masters are almost an everyday occurrence. But a unique exhibit featuring the work of artists with disabilities recently opened thanks to the work of VSA – The International Organization on Arts and Disability. An international nonprofit organization founded more than 35 years ago by Ambassador Jean Kennedy Smith, VSA offers people with disabilities the opportunity to learn through, participate in and enjoy the arts. For nine years, Volkswagen Group of America has partnered with VSA to recognize these emerging and accomplished artists, reflecting our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and our support of the visual and performing arts.

Jim and Sharon Forsythe, parents of VSA artist, Daniel, comment, “Drawing and painting have been Daniel’s daily experience since he was three years old. As a person with Down Syndrome, Daniel lives with moderate mental retardation; he is unable to read or write except at the most rudimentary levels. Daniel also has a speech impairment, which makes communication difficult. But Daniel’s disabilities end where his art begins. He views the blank page without fear or paralyzing self-analysis. He works with joy and confidence because he loves painting and drawing, creating worlds filled with beauty, adventure and exquisite proportion. Daniel’s self-assurance has blossomed since winning his VSA award. He understands the magnitude of that honor. We are grateful to VSA for recognizing what we have always known: Daniel’s artistic voice communicates while spoken words fail him. It is very gratifying to see Daniel have an opportunity to transcend his handicaps through others’ appreciation of his artwork.”

Award-winning drawing created by Daniel Forsythe

Daniel Forsythe is one of the many VSA artists


The Vehicle Terrain Performance Lab at Virginia Polytechnic Institute (Virginia Tech) received the first Volkswagen Faculty Innovation Grant in 2010. The lab’s mission is to improve vehicle system performance by studying the interactions between vehicles and terrain. Selected from five proposals submitted by Virginia Tech, Dr. John B. Ferris, associate professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, and his students will focus on developing modeling and simulation techniques for “Location-Aware Adaptation of Vehicle Dynamics” under the year-long grant. Dr. Ferris conducted research in vehicle dynamics and chassis development in the automotive industry for 15 years before becoming a faculty member at Virginia Tech. Read more »


Dr. Shirley C. Raines, President of the University of Memphis

Shirley C. Raines, President of the University of Memphis, comments about the University’s partnership with Volkswagen Group of America.

“Although our efforts on behalf of science, technology, engineering and mathematics education are already robust, the gift from Volkswagen Group of America makes it possible for our faculty to increase their work in introducing even more students, as well as other teachers, to those subjects.”


Congratulations to this year’s participants in the Volkswagen Distinguished Scholars Program! Only a few select students from Fisk University are awarded the opportunity to intern at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Volkswagen Chattanooga Operations. As part of this two-summer experience, students have access to state-of-the-art scientific facilities and equipment and complete research projects in automotive innovation. Visit www.orau.org/volkswagen/ for more information.

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