Volkswagen’s First Global Ingenuity Program

In May 2010, eighteen University of Virginia engineering students, selected to participate in Volkswagen’s first Global Ingenuity Program, participated in a two-week study abroad course in Germany. Course highlights included a program designed to allow students to address and offer solutions to a real-world problem by participating in cross-cultural “think tanks” with students from the Technical University of Braunschweig. The two student teams worked collaboratively on a research and design problem assigned by Volkswagen Group’s Electronics Research Lab. The main goal was for students to find an innovative and safe way to assist the driver with performing different tasks and managing information while driving.

“It was awesome…It’s taking ideas, making a vision and putting it into a car…Volkswagen is awesomely innovative, bringing American students and German students together…It could really change the way production is done.”

University of Virginia engineering students selected for two-week study abroad course in Germany

University of Virginia students who participated in Volkswagen's 2010 Global Ingenuity Program

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