Working Hard Coast to Coast

Bringing our company closer to our customers.

Like our vehicles, our company is made stronger by many components working as one. With corporate, subsidiary and dealer locations all across America, our four largest locations are:

At Work in Virginia

At Work in Virginia (pdf)

We are proud of the strength of our commitment to America and inspired by the idea that we are making our new corporate home in Virginia, the “Old Dominion,” on the same soil where the U.S. has its deepest roots. Opened in September 2008, our Herndon headquarters employs approximately 400.

At Work in Tennessee

At Work in Tennessee (pdf)

As part of our effort to manufacture more products locally, the new Volkswagen Group assembly plant begins production in 2011 in Chattanooga. The 1,580-acre campus will employ more than 2,000 and create another 9,500 supplier-related jobs.

At Work in Michigan

At Work in Michigan (pdf)

Respecting tradition while welcoming new opportunities, we maintain a solid presence in the Motor City area with key business activities such as parts, service and quality, engineering and environmental compliance and safety engineering. This is also home to our VW Credit remarketing call center and customer call centers for both Volkswagen and Audi. Our Michigan workforce totals approximately 1,125 people.

At Work in California

At Work in California pdf

Our research and development facilities are at home in the heart of California’s electronics corridor in the northern part of the state. We are also a member of the California Fuel Cell Partnership located in Sacramento. Our California locations employ 250.

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