Driving Success Across America

Connecting with our customers.

An automobile is more than the sum of its parts. It is a reflection of the soul of all the different people who engineer, manufacture, sell, service and drive it. Each of our brands has its own character. Each inspires passion and loyalty. Each connects with the heart, mind and soul.

But it is our dealership team members who are the closest to our customers. They are the face of our company, the relationship builders. That is why we are driven to strengthen that connection with our customers through our national sales network of 800 dealer locations and 30,000 team members across all 50 states by:

  • Listening more to our customers
  • Empowering dealers to solve problems on the spot
  • Breaking down artificial barriers within the organization
  • Easing many processes and policies for improved efficiency and time to market
  • Working with dealers to ensure they are ready for more cars, more customers and more sales

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