VW Credit Team Volunteers, Bonds at D.C. Homeless Shelter

So Others Might Eat group photo

VCI Team gathers for a group photo after a rewarding experience of serving the homeless. Left to right: Misti Murphey, Bill Pruden, Josie Cayetano, Marc Aghili, Cicely Holland, John Gressa, Jessica Gessner, Joanna Sherry

Eight team members from Volkswagen Credit (VCI), driven by giving spirits and a collective desire to make a difference, volunteered at So Others Might Eat (SOME), a Washington, D.C.-based homeless shelter that has assisted the homeless for 40 years.

Cicely Holland, CRM Specialist, VCI, admits that she was both surprised and humbled by the experience. “It was a humbling experience because you realize that you aren’t much different from the people who were there,” she said. “We’re all human; they just came into some hard times and are depending on people to help. I was surprised by how friendly and appreciative they were of our service.”

During their visit to SOME, the VCI team jumped right in — scrubbing pots and floors, and serving food to the homeless.

Marc Aghili, Product Development Specialist, VCI, recalls, “There was a high-energy volunteer in the kitchen who pumped me up and I pumped her up. Volunteering that day helped me realize how fortunate [me and my family] are. The moment I walked out there [I] was humb[led] — especially when your own kids sometimes say, ‘I don’t want to eat this.’ For some people that’s a whole meal.”

So Others Might Eat - Josie Cayetano and John Gressa

Josie Cayetano (Business Reporting Specialist) and John Gressa (Manager Product and Business Development) await the next shift of homeless guests. Homeless guests arrive in 2 shifts for lunch.

Joanna Sherry, General Manager for VCI Marketing and Product Development, said the experience also gave team members a chance to bond.

“We left as a team, traveled together and spent the day at the shelter,” Sherry said. “It was a positive team-building experience for us. We rotated our duties which allowed each person to get a unique experience by working with others in the group and doing something special for others in need.”

Team members agreed that they look forward to helping others in need through another volunteer activity this year.

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