Volkswagen: The People’s Car

Das Auto. VW. VDub. No matter how you say it, our first Volkswagen Group of America Brand Week Series vehicle brand can only mean one thing: the People’s Car.

An American favorite since 1955, the Volkswagen brand strongly influenced the automotive industry in the U.S. When this affordable, family-friendly and, well, just plain cool, brand came on the scene, Americans were presented with new, fun choices to consider when planning to purchase a new vehicle.

Volkswagen is an incredibly iconic brand. Most would be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t created a memory with one of the vehicles. In the 70s, our very own Volkswagen Group of America CEO, Jonathan Browning, gathered with friends around a vintage VW bus.

Jonathan Browning and friends

Fast-forward to today, the recently redesigned 2011 VW Jetta was named one of the top 10 picks for the back-to-school crowd. For decades, families on long road trips have kept their eyes peeled for yellow VW Beetles and collected bruises from each “Slug bug!” a sibling bestowed upon them.

More than anything else, these fuel-efficient, high-performance, superior-engineered cars are not only safe, but are fun to drive, too.

For these reasons and more, it’s only fitting that we kick off our weekly Brand series by placing the spotlight on ourbeloved Volkswagen. This week, we’ll be sharing fun facts, take you on a few trips down memory lane and might even share one or two well-known videos on our Facebook Page. For the next five days, it’s all VW, all the time. Stay tuned!

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