Scott Reynolds: Audi or Bust

Hi! My name is Scott Reynolds. I’m the Operations Analyst for Audi of America in the Western Region.

In my current role I provide daily support for our Operations Manager. This consists of completing various projects and compiling and analyzing data. Big picture, I help plan and execute major training and marketing events, provide ongoing support for our area teams, and assist in managing departmental and dealership projects.

I’ve been passionate about cars since birth, and a Volkswagen Group of America devotee since purchasing my first car, a 2001 VW GTI. To this day I still own and adore that car. As far as working for Audi, well, that’s been a dream of mine for years.

As soon as I learned about the Volkswagen Group of America Graduate Program, I immediately met and began networking with outstanding, helpful, and encouraging employees of the company. At the same time, I kept my eyes peeled for new opportunities on the careers website. After earning my MBA in December 2010, I applied and gladly accepted a position with Audi of America.

For me, this experience as part of the Graduate Program can be summed up in one word: Acceleration. How much will I learn, and how quickly? At the end of the program, what position will be the best fit for me? Will I be able to achieve what I’ve set out to do: leverage my passion for the brand and the industry into a meaningful contribution?

With these questions and more in mind, I’ve created goals for this experience and hope to walk away at the end with answers. I invite you to follow me as I learn the ropes and track my progress through this blog.


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