New Passat Launch – Operational Impact

Volkswagen returns to America! An exciting new chapter is unfolding for Volkswagen of America as they have fulfilled their commitment to produce a new car on American soil. Volkswagen is currently mid-launch for the all-new 2012 Passat. A commitment of this scale (approximately 1.5 billion dollars) has had a tremendous impact throughout the entire company.

This incredible commitment is exciting and directly impacts the daily operations of Parts Logistics.

Over the past few months, Volkswagen’s network of PDC’s (Parts Distribution Centers) have been working hard preparing to support this vehicle. Each PDC across the Volkswagen network has received parts that will support the new Passat throughout the launch phase. Generally speaking, the first parts received throughout the network will be the first to experience demand as these cars hit the road.

Because many of the parts in the new model are new to the Volkswagen parts network, each PDC team has been busy finding homes for the new material.

One of my recent assignments at the Wisconsin PDC has been to accurately enter each new part into our computer system (length, width, height, etc) and assign the proper movement indicators (used by the computer system to find empty warehouse locations).

The New Passat has also made a notable impact on the design of Volkswagen’s Parts Distribution network. A new RDC is operating out of a portion of the Fort Worth PDC building in order to support this new vehicle in our market and markets across the world where the car will be sold. Since this model will be produced in the United States and sold in many different markets across the world, Volkswagen of America has had to quickly adapt to its’ new role as a part exporter.

I’m very happy to have an active role as we make preparations for the 2012 Passat. It’s certainly an exciting time here at Volkswagen of America!


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