Here I Come Procurement!

I recently began a three-month rotation with Parts Logistics Procurement. I’m looking forward to shadowing various Procurement Analysts and learning how they manage their purchasing groups. As you can imagine, there are significant differences in ways that Audi parts are managed versus parts coming from Mexico and Brazil. The lead time to receive the parts are different, the order sizes are different, modes of transportation are not the same, and the parts are not even shipped to the same location. I have been learning a lot, which is good news considering I will be given a purchasing group to manage very soon!

I can’t wait to expand my horizons with this experience. As a Purchasing and Supply Chain major in college, Procurement is right up my alley. This week I joined the Team Building Committee and took on the role of planning the monthly “Parts Night Out.”  It will be a great way to build relationships with co-workers, and I’m looking forward to the opportunity!

Until next time!

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