Graduate Program Provides Perks

The month of September brought exciting changes for me. After a long process of job shadowing, training, learning the procurement processes, and day-to-day activities, I started managing my own purchasing group. I enjoy having responsibility for a particular group of parts and set tasks similar to the Procurement Analysts for last portion of my time with Procurement, which is until November.

September also brought travel. I spent four days Davisville, Rhode Island to visit one of our five ports in the United States. I spent one day with the employees who work at the port, and had the opportunity to see the operation first hand. From there, I traveled with the Market Delivery Options (MDO) Team, from Davisville to Auburn Hills. The MDO team is responsible for add on part options to cars when they arrive at the port, before they are shipped to dealerships.

A week after I got back from Davisville, I headed to Chattanooga, home of our production factory. I was given the opportunity to act as a tour guide at the Chattanooga facility for the Global Top Management Conference.

Being a part of the Graduate Program has already given me so many neat opportunities, stay tuned for travel updates!


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