Chattanooga Operations: Diversity and Inclusion Honors

Chattanooga Diversity and Inclusion

For demonstrating our commitment to diversity and inclusion, the Urban League of Greater Chattanooga awarded Volkswagen Group of America the Corporate Leadership Award at the League’s 2010 Equal Opportunity Day event. Long before the concrete was poured at our new assembly plant in Tennessee, a different type of foundation was laid for the future. The Volkswagen Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council for our Chattanooga Operations was formed. “We asked for the involvement of the community and individuals representing groups who have been historically disadvantaged, with the goal of ensuring that all employees are treated with dignity and respect, and that all qualified suppliers have access to business opportunities,” said Machelle Williams, Volkswagen’s General Manager of Diversity and Organizational Development. “We value the diversity of the team we are creating here in Chattanooga,” Don Jackson, President of Manufacturing for Chattanooga Operations, and an executive champion of the council, says. “A diverse team assures us that we have the community’s values included in all that we do, both here at the plant and in the community.”

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