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Walter Maria de’Silva, Head of Group Design VOLKSWAGEN AG

Walter Maria de’Silva, Head of Group Design VOLKSWAGEN AG, received the 2010 World Green Car of the Year award

We know what it means to be green.

Even before we were recognized as “the most environmentally friendly car company selling in the USA” by J.D. Power and Associates, even before winning the 2010 World Green Car, the 2010 Green Car of the Year and 2009 Green Car of the Year awards, we’ve been green.

From our low-consumption, low-emission powertrains, to our energy-efficient production facilities and integrated environmental management processes, we are maximizing sustainability and environmental acceptability. Our employees, suppliers and sales partners are equally committed to our program of ongoing improvement.

Leading the industry toward carbon-neutral mobility, we are developing second-generation biofuels to be distributed from existing fuel stations for vehicles currently on the market today. We are bringing integrated powertrain and aftertreatment systems onto the market to drastically reduce nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide, volatile hydrocarbon and particulate emissions. And our commitment to recycling is integrated from the development of our vehicles through the end of their life cycle.

Green from the Start

Green from the Start (pdf)

TDI Clean Diesel

TDI Clean Diesel (pdf)

Signs of Intelligent Life

Signs of Intelligent Life (pdf)

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