E-shuttle Transport Line

Before the first new vehicle leaves the Volkswagen Chattanooga assembly plant for America’s roadways, it already will have traveled 2.8 miles on the E-shuttle transport line, the first of its kind in the world. The finishing conveyor line is managed by 56 robots, which flip and dip the auto body into 10 water and paint tanks to coat and protect the vehicle. At the end of the four-level paint shop, the two hour process then finishes with a top coat and wax spray. “We’re the first in the world to use E-Shuttle,” says Rich Schmidt, Plant Engineering Manager, Volkswagen Chattanooga Operations LLC. “The old system required the unit to ramp into and out of the paint bath. E-Shuttle allows the body to be put straight down, turned 360 degrees, turned straight up and conveyed to the next bath. We’re able to reduce the tank size which results in less water, fewer chemicals and less energy usage.”

E-shuttle transport lineE-shuttle transport lineE-shuttle transport line

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